Shunt Reactors

Shunt Reactors

Getra, in its Marcianise plant, is able to design, manufacture and test Shunt Reactors up to 420kV class and rated power of 100MVAr for single-phase units and 250MVAr for three-phase configurations.

The development of HV (high voltage) and UHV (ultra-high voltage) long-distance transmission networks, as well as underground cable lines, has resulted in an increase in capacitive reactive energy with a consequent undesirable increase in voltage, particularly in low-voltage conditions.

Shunt reactors are able to compensate for this capacitive load providing a solution to:

  • Increase network stability
  • Maintain an acceptable voltage level and within the limits compatible with network insulation
  • Limit transient over voltages induced by switching operations
  • Decrease line losses by capacitive current reduction

Technical features of the product

  • Voltage: up to 420kV
  • Power: up to 250MVAr
  • Three-phase and single-phase units

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Getra | Francesca Pelizzola - Sales Manager (Italia)

Francesca Pelizzola


T +39 333 3179312

Getra | Ciro Sannino - Sales Manager (Spagna, Sud America e Usa)

Ciro Sannino

SALES MANAGER (Spagna, Sud America and Usa)

T +39 345 7631542

Getra | Francesco D’Alessio - Sales Business Development (Est Europa e Nord America)

Francesco D’Alessio

SALES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (Est Europa and Nord America)

T +39 335 8002718

Getra | Nunziato D'Ambrosio - Sales Manager (Nord Europa e Middle East)

Nunziato D'Ambrosio

SALES MANAGER (Nord Europa and Middle East)

T +39 348 1225578

Getra | Vincenzo Iula - Sales Manager (Germania, Austria e Svizzera)

Vincenzo Iula

SALES MANAGER (Germania, Austria and Svizzera)

T +39 348 4217986

Getra | Contatta il nostro Team


Contact the sales office at the following addresses

T +39 0823 581711



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