Getra in its Marcianise factory is able to design, manufacture and test PSTs with power up to 2.000MVA, phase angle displacement up to ± 60 ° and voltage class 800kV.

The request for better reliability has led to the development of an ever-greater interconnection of large transmission networks to strengthen the electricity system.

PSTs are needed to control the power flow between large independent transmission grids and to balance the load when the grids are connected to each other at multiple points in order to have the desired power flow distribution in the different branches.

The use of Phase Shifters Transformers is always a special case because the design criteria are conformed to the specifications and requirements of the individual network. Depending on the overall requirements, there are various types of PSTs that Getra can provide:

  • Single Core Symmetrical / Asymmetrical Delta or Delta-Hexagonal
  • Double Core Symmetrical
  • Double Core Transformer/Autotransformer + Quadrature Booster

Technical features of the product

  • Voltage: up to 800kV
  • Power: up to 2.000MVA

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Team Getra
Getra | Francesca Pelizzola - Sales Manager (Italia)

Francesca Pelizzola


T +39 333 3179312

Getra | Ciro Sannino - Sales Manager (Spagna, Sud America e Usa)

Ciro Sannino

SALES MANAGER (Spagna, Sud America and Usa)

T +39 345 7631542

Getra | Francesco D’Alessio - Sales Business Development (Est Europa e Nord America)

Francesco D’Alessio

SALES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (Est Europa and Nord America)

T +39 335 8002718

Getra | Nunziato D'Ambrosio - Sales Manager (Nord Europa e Middle East)

Nunziato D'Ambrosio

SALES MANAGER (Nord Europa and Middle East)

T +39 348 1225578

Getra | Vincenzo Iula - Sales Manager (Germania, Austria e Svizzera)

Vincenzo Iula

SALES MANAGER (Germania, Austria and Svizzera)

T +39 348 4217986

Getra | Contatta il nostro Team


Contact the sales office at the following addresses

T +39 0823 581711



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