Getra plays a key role in the energy transitionsupply chain thanks to its consolidated experience in the energy sector.

The energy transition marks the passage from the use of non-renewable energy sources to renewable sources using alternative energies, the adoption of energy saving and sustainable development techniques. After the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow, has emerged the need to move quickly towards a change in the socio-economic system to avoid severe climatic consequences.

Currently, have been used energy deposits such as coal, oil, anthracite and the like. Now, however, we want to use solar flows, molecules, wind, photons, osmosis, sea currents, or alternative solutions.

In this transition phase, it is important to remember that these flows are not always programmable and reliable. For this reason, it is necessary to use also energy reservoirs in order to stabilize the non-programmability of these flows. The use of alternative and ecological sources of energy represents a double opportunity: for economic development and for the environment. In the context of the development of renewable sources and economic development, South Italy has an opportunity for global affirmation.


The advantages from the energy transition and energy efficiency are several and concern not only the environment but also have a positive impact on the economy, society and the quality of life of the population. Among the benefits of the energy transition:
Less dependence on energy imports Decrease level of pollution Containment of the global mean temperature
Implementation of sustainable agriculture Development of smart cities Protection of the environment and biodiversity
Less vulnerability of internal economies Increase of jobs in the green energy sector Reduction in the cost of bills


The energy transition requires a strategic and concrete approach with useful investments able to use green energy efficiently. The Getra Group has the goals to speed up the energy transition in its factories and company.
insert ELECTRIC columns use a PAPERLESS approach install PHOTOVOLTAIC panels becoming PLASTIC FREE
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