Getra, De Luca: a virtuous example of the competitive midday abroad, which works and doesn’t complain

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I would like to know how many in the South Italy know that there are realities of excellence like this. Getra is a virtuous example of the South which fights and does not complain, which shows vigor in making investments and in being able to establish itself internationally”. The president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, said this during the visit of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to Getra in Marcianise. “The Region – continues De Luca – is putting in place many measures for work and competitiveness. The problem now is being able to place our region in an international context to attack new markets with courageous choices. Getra – continues the governor – is the living demonstration that our products can hold up even on very competitive markets by investing in product quality.”

For Campania entrepreneurs, De Luca reiterates: “We will make rigorous choices in financing. We will have no limits with advanced research projects that focus on quality. In Caserta – concludes De Luca – we are thinking of an urban redevelopment project for industrial areas.”

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