Delivery of the first “Jolly” transformer

Trasformatore Jolly
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A new step forward for the Getra Group in terms of research and development: here is the Jolly Transformer, a mobile emergency unit that can be installed in case of emergency to replace faulty equipment.

The Jolly Transformers is designed and produced to be transferred to the destination sites without the use of exceptional transport procedures and deliverable in Italy within 4/8 days from the emergency call to be installed in any distribution and deliverable electrical substation.

The Jolly transformer was, in fact, created to guarantee Enel, the manager of the electricity distribution network in Italy, a replacement transformer in case of an emergency due to a fault in the electricity grids.

An experimental project, the first in Italy, for a transformer designed to achieve maximum integration and optimal adaptation to the configurations and different voltage levels of Enel’s primary substations, from the north to the south of the country.

This particular transformer can be used in case of a breakdown in electrical distribution substations, and has been designed to have low weight and optimal mobility on road to reach places where a breakdown occurs earlier and more easily.

The video of the Jolly transformer:

Description by Marco Laviscio (Manager Getra Service)

Note by Claudia Zigon (Production Direcor)

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