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With 5 companies, 2 plants in Italy, 1 branch in Dubai and 70% of the export turnover, Getra is a manufacturing company in the energy sector that operates in the field of design and production of large and medium power electrical transformers, of distribution transformers and high voltage grid interconnection systems.

Getra is now a partner of the main utilities and contractors operating in the electricity production and distribution sector in Europe and around the world.

Terra dei valori

from Marcianise to Pignataro

With the publication of the volume Terra dei Valori, from Marcianise to Pignataro, Getra intends to contribute to the knowledge of the artistic and cultural heritage present in the territories where the two Italian plants of the Group are located.

The book is born thanks to the contribution of an attentive and sensitive professional researcher such as Jolanda Capriglione. It is a journey on the "lost memory", to the roads that connect Marcianise to Pignataro Maggiore, intended as places of departure and arrival.

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