Transmission networks

The transmission of electricity is the second phase of the energy chain and represents the intermediate step between production and distribution.

Transmission networks are used for large distances. They connect power plants to high-voltage substations. Transmission networks have a higher voltage and carry electricity from the power station to the substation from which it is subsequently distributed.

Getra | Transmission Networks

The Getra Group is at the forefront in the study, research and application of alternative solutions useful for achieving an increase in transmission quality to contrast climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The goal is to achieve the best result based on the implementation of the energy transition.


Transmission networks
  • Transformers and autotransformers for transmission networks up to 800MVA 800kV
  • Transformers for HVDC conversion systems
  • Phase Shifters Transformers for the interconnection of networks
  • High Voltage Shunt Reactors
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