Born in 1949, Getra is an Italian leader in design, production and supply of Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers and interconnection solutions for electricity grid.

Within its long history, the Industrial Group has achieved a track record of 250.000 transformers supplied in Europe, America, Middle East and Africa, gaining an outstanding experience in providing its customers with Turn Key solutions.

Historic headquarters of the Getra Group in 1949
Historic headquarters of the Getra Group in 1949


1949 Company Foundation
1949-1980 Production of MV/LV Distribution Transformers 5MVA and 400÷5000Kva 26Kv
1987 Realization of the first units of HV/MV transformers with nominal power 40MVA and primary voltage 150kV
2003 Construction of the first 300MVA and 230kV Step-Up Transformers
2004 Production of the first 400MVA and 400/230kV Autotransformers
2006 Getra Group Transformers power the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world
2007 Construction of the new fully automated Distribution Transformer production plant in Getra Distribution
2008 Construction of a 580MVA and 400kV Step-Up Transformer
2009 Construction of the first bank of 258MVAr and 420kV Derivation Reactors
2011 First Phase Shifting Transformer with throughput power 450MVA, voltage 230/230kV±55°, for the Italy-France interconnection project
2013 Installation of transformers 4.500 meters above sea level in Chile

2014 The Getra Group becomes the leading supplier of the North African energy market
2014 Phase Shifting Transformer 500/500/140MVA, 415/145/21kV with in-phase and quadrature regulation for phase shift ±19.5°, installed on the border between Sweden and Norway
2015 Construction of 600MVA and 400kV Autotransformers for Sweden
2016 Official inauguration of the Getra Power production plants and of the new test room for 800MVA and 800kV high power transformers (first in Italy)
2017 Installation of Step-Up Transformer in Mexico with a solar park generating capacity of 238MW

2018 Construction of 8 HV/MV transformers installed in London city center

2019 Construction of the first ecological 250MVA 400/135kV autotransformer, insulated in vegetable oil, an example of technology at the service of environmental sustainability
2020 First application in the field of the Jolly transformer, a mobile emergency unit designed to operate on any distribution network in Italy

2021 Construction of Step-Up Transformers installed in the wind and photovoltaic field located in the USA
2021 Successful overcoming of dynamic short-circuit withstand on a 600MVA 400/230KV Autotransformer at KEMA
2021 Phase Shift Transformer with 100MVA through power, 65/110kV voltage installed in Germany

2022 The Getra Group invests in the construction of a line dedicated exclusively to metal carpentry for transformers

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